1217-1223『韓国実験芸術祭(Korea Experimental Arts Festival)』

『韓国実験芸術祭 (Korea Experimental Arts Festival)』
- Event: The 12th Korea Experimental Arts Festival
- Date: Thurs, December 12th, 2013 - Mon 23 December , 12 days
-Venue: Seoul- Kyo art test center , one Hongdae | 12.12 ~ 15
Jeju- yijungseop Art Studio showroom, yijungseop distance , Seogwipo one

| 12.17 (Tue) - 12.23 (Mon)
- Theme: Art Road project 2-What is Next?
- Organizer: Korea Experimental Art Spirit (KoPAS)
- Note : Korea Arts Management Committee trials
- Participating countries : Denmark, Germany, the U.S., Brazil , Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Japan , Estonia, Finland , the Philippines, France, Korea / 15 countries

● Thema
Each year a different theme of contemporary artists to accommodate various experimental stage
Experimental Arts Festival in South Korea (KEAF: Korea Experimental Arts Festival) in 2002,
" Performance '30 Korea " to start in 2013 The 12th Festival will be held .
2013 's theme " ArtRoad Project2-What is Next? " Is not art Department of the definition of human nature to seek solidarity and a new milestone Encounters with nature and for which to create.

毎年、他のテーマで、現代芸術家の様々な実験的な舞台を収容している韓国の実験芸術祭( KEAF : Korea Experimental Arts Festival )は2002年に「韓国パフォーマンス30年」を開始。
2013年のテーマ「ArtRoad Project2 - What is Next? 」は、芸術、人間の本性の定義の連帯を追求し、新たなマイルストーンを作っていくための自然との遭遇である。

● Cooperation Festival
Germany - Open Space Performunion
China - Guangzhou Live Art Festival
France - Infr'Action - Festival International d'Art Performance

● Sponsored by:
Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Mapo-gu , locations, Kyo art test center , yijungseop Art , Culture Ireland

● Artists
< International >
 [ Germany ]  Michael Steger, Andreas Stedler, Frederic Krauke, Emily Kuhnke 
 [ Italy ]  Alfredo Scout
 [ Ireland ]  Myk Henry
 [ Estonia ]  Al Paldrok, Taje Tross, 
 [ Brazil ]  Tizo All
 [ Denmark ]  Poul Weile
 [ USA ]  Amy J. Klement, Amber Lee, Matt Gale
 [ Philippines ]  Vim Nadera
 [ France ]  Patrick Jambon 
 [ UK ]  James Topple
 [ Finland ]  Peter Rosvik, Terho Sire
 [ Iceland ]  Reykjavik 
 [ Japan ]  Fujieda Mushimaru (藤條虫丸), Iori Kinki (金亀伊織), Himeko Narumi (鳴海姫子), Rie Tahichi (たいち利江), Go Yoshinaga (吉永豪), Sakimi Mochizuki (望月幸美), Mocca (木歌), Hiroyuki Matsuhisa (松久浩之), Sato Yukie (佐藤行衛)

< Country >
- Inviting performance artists -
Gimbaekgi , gimseokhwan , gimyeonsik , butterfly it (johyeyeon) , ryuhwan , munjeonggyu , night Transactions , Dany , banghyoseong , byeonyounghwan , poured , songdaegyu , seongneunggyeong , seongbaek , sinjinsik , wangchi , derivatized , Lee, Myung - Whan , Frank , yijuhye , yichiyoung , imtaekjun , St. Joe , hangwanhui , hongohbong schematic (yujihwan), Nabi Nara, SORO (munjaeseon), Image movement wokseu (sinyonggu), Orchid Red (yijuhye), [ Jeju ] gangjeonggyun , Ramoo, solga , jeonhongsik , this moment

- Cooperation Performance -
Yicheolseong , imagination power plant (South primary mirror )

● Concept or
1960 Nam June Paik (art, music) , John Cage (music), Joseph Beuys (ART) has been the main axis of Fluxus (Fluxus) has become a cornerstone of modern performance art history . Fluxus to look at a key member of the art, music, dance, architecture , literature, genres, artists of various genres hayeoteum unknown pokes collaboration , in which a part of the core of performance characteristics can be defined .

Fluxus flow , constant change , and been a symbol of the movement was inspired by various genres of art at the time of Fluxus who worked at the world renowned artists will impart the most experimental to express their artistry and the spirit of the age was . Fluxus spirit of modern times , but most of these can be heavily influenced by performance art received since the 1990s, Fluxus comparable to that of a new and rather unconventional art form degenerate not find or do not forward any more , it is true that in .

Now is the time period we are covering greater awareness of experimentation time for a change and recognize that the contemporary social and environmental issues facing the spirit of the artist as a showcase for the seat , through the Festival of modern materials and juggling past and spirituality , destruction of civilization development and environmental study to look at the artistic interpretation of the art try to open the load . And we throw ourselves questions , "What is Next?" Reality leading to the reorganization of this buzzword means.

1960年代のナムジュン·パイク(美術、音楽) 、ジョン·ケージ(音楽) 、ヨーゼフ·ボイス(美術)が主軸になったフルクサス(Fluxus)は、現代パフォーマンス·アートの歴史に基礎となった。フルクサスの主要メンバーを見ると、美術、音楽、舞踊、建築、文学など様々なジャンルのアーティストがジャンルを行き来し、コラボレーションしたことを知ることができますが、この部分は、パフォーマンスの特性を定義するのに重要だといえるだろう。
私たちは、今こそ時代を一緒にする実験精神の重大な意識の変化が必要な時期であることを認識し、今の時代が直面している社会環境的問題に対する作家の精神を披露するための位置として、芸術祭を通して現代と過去を行き来物質性と精神性、文明の発展と環境破壊に対する作家的解釈を考察してみるのアートロードを開こうとする。そして、私たち自身に問いかけ、 "What is Next?"は、これらの話題につながる現実の再構築を意味するものである。

● Business purposes
- Performance of global issues through empathy the artist's creative vision enjoyment of seeing art festival
- International collaboration with national and international artists and performance art as a platform to mediate Korea Experimental Arts Festival held
- ' Seoul ' and ' Jeju ' regional expansion and promotion for interaction as long festival of encounter
- World Natural Heritage Jeju 's beauty and the primordial role of art as a bridge for the encounter Festival
-2013 , As Hongdae Korea Experimental Arts Festival Winter Festival (KEAF)

- 全地球的問題をパフォーマンスアーティストの創造的視覚を介して共感してみる芸術享受祭
- 国内外の作家たちの国際交流とコラボレーションを媒介し、パフォーマンスアートのプラットフォームとしての韓国の実験芸術祭の開催
- 「ソウル」と「済州」の地理的拡大と相互交流を推進するための出会いの場としての祭り
- 世界自然遺産「済州」の原始的な美しさと芸術の出会いのための架け橋の役割としての芸術祭

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